Earlier this week, I was asked whether I had considered approaching venture capital firms to take a stake in my business [Confluence Law Partners (CLP)] large enough to cover our "burn rate" for a year or two.  Apparently, what makes CLP an attractive investment is that we are, in VC-speak, "post-revenue," i.e., in addition to having a business model that conceptually makes a lot of sense, we have an actual business that is generating revenues, and we could significantly increase profit by using outside investment to increase the scale of our delivery system.

The key assumption made by the person asking the question (who is a non-lawyer investment fund manager) was that non-lawyers like themselves could invest in, own or manage a law firm.  Of course, this is prohibited under US regulations known as professional ethics.

However, not only is non-lawyer investment allowed elsewhere in the world, as explained after the jump, this change is coming to the US.

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